Evidently proved as equivalent to antibiotic.
Prevents Running Mortality and Arrests vibrio infection

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                      Consult your aqua technician before using LEAP


  • Guaranteed treatment for running mortality syndrome
  • 100% eradication of vibrio species like parahaemolyticus and harveyi
  • Scientific proof from Government of India research institute
  • Prevents vibrio infection
  • High level of immunity and healthy shrimp

Scientific proof:
A Government of India research institute had conducted in vitro microbiological analysis of LEAP and certified that this herbal product can kill 4 vibrio species (V. parahaemolyticus, V. harveyi, V. algonoliticus and V. vilnificus) at a specific minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC and MBC). The certificate is displayed in our website www.naturalle.co.in

RMS/EMS problem:
Running Mortality Syndrome has been widely prevalent in shrimp farms. After 30 to 35 days of culture continuous low level mortalities occur unabatedly. It is due to predominance of vibrio species like V. parahaemolyticus. Mortality can approach 100% in severely affected ponds.

World renowned scientist Dr. Lightner opined that: In the terminal stages of the disease, a severe secondary infection likely caused by opportunistic Vibrio bacteria occurs in the sloughed masses of epithelial cells in the H.P. tubule lumens. Affected shrimp die from H.P. dysfunction and the terminal vibrio infection. (Ref: https://www.aquaculturealliance.org/pdf/GAA-Lightner-Jan12.pdf)

Antibiotic resistance:
Majority of vibrio species have developed antibiotic resistance. Hence it is very hard to
control them. As the usage of antibiotics are prohibited, it is not an easy task to solve this menace. Herbal remedy is the best alternative and assured solution for this.

What is LEAP
LEAP is a feed additive consisting powerful herbal extracts. It has been produced with
ancient ayurvedic knowledge coupled with modern medicine technology. By using LEAP harmful vibrio bacteria will be completely eradicated within the body of shrimp. This product is being made after many years of intensive research and hundreds of field trials. Every herbal extract incorporated in LEAP is having very high efficacy. It works on par with many modern day antibiotic drugs. But it is not an antibiotic.
How LEAP works:
Leap should be used as feed supplement. Hence it takes the medicinal properties of
Herbal extracts directly to the digestive system of shrimp and eradicate many kinds
Of vibrio species spread throughout the body. As harmful vibrio is eliminated completely, shrimp regain its health and grow fast. LEAP works both on gram negative and gram positive bacteria species. In addition to destroying harmful microbial population, LEAP generate immunity also, preventing further bacterial infection.
Herbs are safe
LEAP is 100% herbal extracts formulation. Neither antibiotic nor synthetic substances were incorporated in it. Herbs are safe to use. They are digested fully and no residual is left. No side effects on shrimp or water.  Herbs are most suited for organic method of farming. Organically produced shrimp is being sold in European markets at 25% higher price.
When LEAP should be used:
Leap should be used either preventive or for treatment. It is advisable to use Leap at the age of 30 days in pond, whether RMS is seen or not. That will prevent the onslaught of RMS.
If dead shrimps are seen near the dykes of the pond or at check tray, Leap usage should be started immediately. This can be used at any time of crop, even before harvest. Usage of Leap ensure the eradication of vibrio infection thereby protecting shrimp mortality.
6 grams powder of Leap per kilo of feed should be used as feed additive by using
binder or with water. It can be used for two meals per day, for 7 days, as
a preventive measure. If the infection is severe and mortality is happening, Leap
should be used for all four meals of the day, for at least 3 days and two meals per day for next 7 days, continuously. (Total ten days).
Consult aqua professional
We strongly recommend the farmers to consult aquaculture technicians or professionals known to them, before using LEAP. Naturalle company doesn’t own any responsibility for the loss or damage to the crop by using or misusing LEAP. Farmer should take his own decision after ascertaining all facts of the product before using it.
For more information: https://store.naturalle.co.in/pages/well-diffusion-results or info@naturalle.co.in