Definite Disease Resistance and Assured Additional Growth

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Consult your aquaculture technician before taking HERBAL FEED


• Nutrition and treatment at one go
• Medicine directly reach to the digestive system
• Control white gut and running mortality

What is medicated feed?
Combining herbs and nutrients for medicinal use is a time-honored art and science that has been practiced for thousands of years in India. Our traditional healing system is based on the concept of “Food is medicine and medicine is food”. Taking a leaf from the wisdom of our Legendary Sage’s, we have incorporated healing herbs in the pellet feed for shrimps to provide nutrients and medicines in one go. Ancient medicinal knowledge, modern food processing techniques, methodical research and practical field trials were woven together to obtain best results out of herbal medicated feed.

How herbal feed works?
Herbal medicated feed is an ideal concept for shrimp farming. Herbal medicinal substances are incorporated in the feed during manufacturing process. Each pellet of feed contains required dose of herbal medicine. Along with feed, medicine goes straight to the digestive system and work instantly. Shrimp will have nutrition and medication at one go.. Every pellet act upon as a tablet.

Why herbal feed?
Usage of anti-biotic and chemical substances for shrimp health, are prohibited by many Governments across the world. Herb is the best alternative to address disease problems in the absence of anti-biotic. Herbs are safe and effective. We have conducted years of research to formulate appropriate herb combination that meets the challenge of shrimp diseases. Medicine through feed is a sure way to control pathogenic process inside the body of shrimp.

What problems can we address?
Naturalle herbal medicated feed is effective for white gut / white feces disease, Running mortality and all kinds of bacterial infections.

How to use?
Using herbal medicated is simple. Just like the normal feed, it shall be used. Dosage is 80% of normal feed schedule. As herbal feed contains highly effective nutritional substances, lesser quantity is sufficient to meet growth and health needs. It can be used one meal per day as prevention for bacterial infections. It should be used all four meals for one week to 10 days, if white gut / white feces syndrome is prevalent in the pond.

Naturalle Herbal Feed is packed in 20 kg poly-woven bag. It also contains a pouch of herbal extracts supplement, to be used as top dressing before use. Herbal feed contains a formula of raw herbs, added during pellet making process. Some more herbal extracts, which are heat sensitive, are given in separate pouch.

Cost effective:
Naturalle herbal feed is cost effective, though it is priced at higher side. In herbal feed both nutrition and medicine comes together. There is no need to use separate medicine for white gut control. In addition, naturalle herbal feed usage is 20% less than normal feed. Hence it comes at the same cost of normal feed.

No anti-biotic
Naturalle herbal medicated feed contains only herbal medicinal substances along with normal feed ingredients like fish meal, soya, fish oil, wheat flour, vitamins, minerals etc. it doesn’t contain any anti-biotic or hormones.

Consult expert
We strongly recommend the farmers to consult aquaculture technicians or experts known to them, before taking naturalle herbal medicated feed. Naturalle doesn’t own any responsibility for the loss or damage to the crop by using or misusing herbal feed. Farmer should take his own decision after ascertaining all facts of the product before using it.

For more information contact www.naturalle.co.in or info@naturalle.co.in