Dream of disease free shrimp culture will turn in to reality

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                 Please consult your aquaculture technician before taking OJAS



• proPO and Lysozyme activity (at plasma level)
• Absolute immunity
• Prevent many infections
• Promotes faster growth

What is Ojas

OJAS is a Sanskrit word that explains the essence of life. It is a symbol of radiance, health, vigor, vitality and immunity. During Vedic times, our ancient Sages developed wonderful food recipe for obtaining all the above qualities in the body. We are adopting those sacred principles of food for the well being of shrimps. Ojas herbal feed additive helps the shrimp to gain good health and faster growth.

Scientific proof:

90 days, full crop scientific test on in vivo basis was conducted with the help of a renowned research institute, to observe the shrimp growth, illness, wellness and immunity. Results proved that usage of Ojas presented a disease free crop and five gram better growth than the control. Plasma tests revealed that proPO activity and Lysozyme activity were very good with the usage of OJas. proPO in shrimp plays essential role in the innate response against microbial pathogens. For details visit: www.naturalle.co.in


Shrimp farms are facing a complex of infections due to pathogenic bacteria, parasite, protozoa, fungus etc. Ojas help the shrimp to protect from the pathogens to the maximum extent. OJas generates innate immunity in the shrimp. Innate immunity means first line of defense to fight against invading pathogens. Herbal extracts which are having immune stimulation and immune modulation properties are incorporated in Ojas to obtain these results.

When to use

Ojas shall be used from early stage of crop. It can be started from 10th or 15th day of culture. It can be used any time of crop period. Whenever growth is slow, whenever infections are seen in nearby farms, whenever shrimp is not taking feed properly, Ojas shall be used during entire crop period.


6 grams of Ojas powder per kilo of feed. It should be dissolved either in water or can be used with binder. For prevention -Two meals per day, for treatment - four meals per day, if growth is slow.

Minimum three to four weeks usage is must to gain good results for growth or immunity.

No antibiotic

OJas is 100% herbal products. No antibiotic or synthetic substances were used in it. Herbal extracts are safe. Shrimp digest them fully and no residual is left in the body. It is fully biodegradable. As the OJas is top dressed on the feed and feed is consumed by the shrimp, usage Ojas will not affect water parameters.

Consult expert
We strongly recommend farmers to consult aquaculture technicians or experts known to them, before using OJAS. Naturalle doesn’t own any responsibility for the loss or damage to the crop by using or misusing OJAS. Farmer should take his own decision after ascertaining all facts of the product before using it.

For more information contact www.naturalle.co.in or info@naturalle.co.in