Control EHP infection
Reduce size variation
Increase feed consumption

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              Consult your aquaculture technician before taking PURGE


• Control EHP infection
• Reduce size variation
• Increase feed consumption

What is PURGE?
PURGE is a unique herbal product that minimizes harmful effects of EHP in Vannamei shrimp. It is one and only solution for the dreaded EHP problem in entire world. It contains powerful anti-bacterial anti-fungal and anti-parasite herbal extracts. PURGE is ideal for the farms where considerable size variation is seen and shrimp swims sluggishly.

Herbs are safe
For centuries, mankind around the world has relied on traditional medicine to meet health care needs. Herbs are natural, safe to use, effective and affordable. Herbal remedies ordinarily don’t have any kind of side effects. They are easily digestible and provide wellness. India is having a treasure trove of knowledge in herbal healing, contributed by our ancient sages.

How Does Purge work?
EHP is caused by infection with Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) a microsporidian parasite classified within the family Enterocytozoonidae. PURGE cleans and detoxifies the body of Vannamei shrimp and flushes out all pathogenic micro organisms like Vibrio bacteria, Parasites, Fungus etc. The proprietary formula ensures maximum bio availability of medicinal substances of herbal extracts throughout system of the shrimp. It eliminates the pathogen along with the egg, to make sure the infection is eradicated completely.

Problem of EHP
EHP doesn’t appear to cause mortality, but it is a reason for severe growth retardation and increased size variability in P. vannamei. It may be a significant risk factor for the development of acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND). Both associated together will lead to uncontrollable white feces / white gut disease. EHP infected farms are troubled with slow growth, small counts harvest and high feed consumption (FCR).

Why Purge?
Purge provides quick symptomatic relief from EHP. Within one week, size variation of shrimp will be reduced and feed consumption will be increased. The reduction of EHP infection can be ascertained by way of PCR test before and after Purge use. Farmer need not worry about this dreadful disease anymore.

When to use Purge?
Purge should be used between 25 to 35 days of culture period. The earlier is best. It should be used when size variation is seen or shrimp is moving sluggishly or feed intake is slow.

Dosage and duration
Purge should be used 6 grams herbal extracts powder and 4 ml essential oil blend mixed together in a jaggery solution per kilo feed. Two meals per day Duration is one week (7 days continuously) Purge packing consists of 150 grams of herbal extracts powder and 100 ml of essential oil blend. One pack is sufficient for one bag (25 kg) of feed. Additionally 100 grams jaggery is needed to make jaggery solution.

Application method
Take one liter of water in a bowl, add jaggery and mix thoroughly until jaggery dissolved fully. Then add herbal powder and oil blend to it and mix properly. Apply the same to the pellet feed as top dressing. Allow 15 minutes dry shading before use.

Results are visible
The benefit of Purge usage is twofold. First, size variation will be reduced considerably. Second, feed consumption shoots up significantly. Both results can be seen by the farmer visibly. We do not recommend usage of Purge after 35 days of culture period. But experience of farmers who are using the same indicates that Purge is useful even at 100 count (10 grams average body weight), to increase the feed intake.

Consult expert
We strongly recommend the farmers to consult aquaculture technicians or experts known to them, before using Purge. Naturalle doesn’t own any responsibility for the loss or damage to the crop by using or misusing Purge. Farmer should take his own decision after ascertaining all facts of the product before using it.

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