SPOT<br> Prevent White Spot Virus virulence <br> (Free Demo only, Not for sale)

Prevent White Spot Virus virulence
(Free Demo only, Not for sale)

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Please consult your aquaculture technician before taking SPOT


• Prevent white spot to some extent
• Immunity for other viral infections
• High survival during early stage
• Strength to resist infections

Spot is available for free Demo
We are offering SPOT herbal product for a free demonstration to selected farmers. It is one time introductory offer for a limited period. Refer FAQ for details. As of now we are not selling this product.

What is Spot?
White spot syndrome virus (WSSV) is the most devastating viral pathogens of shrimp culture worldwide. There is no treatment available for this unrestrained occurrence and spread of this virus. The Ayurveda pays larger emphasis on building strength of body to cope with infections. The classic text Charaka Samhita defines immunity as the ability to preventing and arresting the progression of infection. It emphasizes on ‘Bala’ and ‘Vyadhi Kshamatwa’ as the concepts for effective prevention and ability of the immune system to fight against the disease causing pathogens. It has suggested various immunomodulators (Rasayana) for the purpose. Based on this divine like knowledge of ancient Indian healing system, we are attempting to present Ayurvedic concept of immunity to prevent white spot syndrome virus. We have done intensive research both on strength to resist the progression of virus infection (Vyadhi – balavirodhitwam) and resistance power of the body competent enough to prevent occurrence ( Vyadhi – utpadaka pratibandhakatwa) of infection. “SPOT” is a product where both the methods are immersed in a scientific herbal formula.

How does Spot work?
Spot is formulated to obtain innate immune response. It is first line of defense to prevent and spread the movement of foreign pathogens throughout the body. Herbs that contain high potent immune modulator compounds are used for best results. Spot will give enough strength for shrimp to prevent the entry of virus in to its body as well as put a fight against the spread of pathogens.

Research and field trials
We have conducted intensive research on this product formulation both at laboratory level and through field trials. The efficiency and performance was tested in more than 100 shrimp ponds in different geographies and different seasons. But we are not claiming that Spot is a reliable solution for 100% prevention of white spot virus in shrimp farms. It prevents white spot virus to some extent only. But it is providing immunity to other viral infections effectively. Further research is needed and it is continuing.

Offer for free demonstration
We are offering “Spot” herbal product to the farmer who wish to experiment in their farms on free of cost basis.

Dose and usage
Spot herbal product should be used between 10 to 25 days of culture period. Purpose is to provide immunity at early age. Minimum duration 15 days Spot herbal product is packed in the shape of semi liquid (Lehyam) format. Dosage is 30 ml of liquid per kg of feed. It should be mixed thoroughly with feed as top dressing.

No antibiotic
Spot is 100% herbal formulation. No anti biotic or hormone or chemical substances are used in it. It is meant for aquaculture use only, not for human consumption.

Performance varies
Shrimp farming depends on many physical, chemical, hydrological, biological properties and their dynamic changes in soil, water, shrimp seed, feed, management practices, infrastructure facilities, weather conditions etc. Any product like ‘Spot’ shall not exhibit the same performance in all farms and conditions. Performance of ‘Spot’ may differ from one farm to another.

Consult expert
We strongly recommend the farmers to consult aquaculture technicians or experts known to them, before using ‘Spot”. Naturalle doesn’t own any responsibility for the loss or damage to the crop by using or misusing ‘Spot’. Farmer should take his own decision after ascertaining all facts of the product before using it.

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