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                  Consult your aquaculture technician before taking WIPE


• Control White gut infection
• Arrest feed drop
• Continue growth
• Prevent loose shell

What is WIPE?
WIPE is an herbal feed supplement to treat White feces / White gut disease in shrimp farms. It contains very high potency herbal extracts having anti-biotic, anti-protozoa, anti-fungal and anti-parasite properties. Wipe give assured results in controlling white feces syndrome in shrimp farms.

Herbs are safe
For centuries, mankind around the world has relied on traditional medicine to meet health care needs. Herbs are natural, safe to use, effective and affordable. Herbal remedies ordinarily don’t have any kind of side effects. They are easily digestible and provide wellness. India is having knowledge treasure trove in herbal healing, contributed by our ancient sages.

Problem of White feces syndrome
White feces syndrome or White gut disease is a serious problem for shrimp farmers. Presence of floating white fecal strings in pond is the sign of this problem. It arises from transformation, sloughing and aggregation of Hepatopancreatic Microvilli into Vermiform bodies, superficially resembling gregarines. It causes mass mortality, growth retardation, drastic reduction of feed consumption, loose shell syndrome and many other difficult to control problems. Aquaculture industry is losing heavily due to its prevalence.

The synergistic combination of herbal ingredients in Wipe will act effectively to thwart whole pathogenic process that leads to White Feces Syndrome. It not only eliminates the disease but also help the shrimp to quickly rejuvenate its health and immunity. Wipe will help to control White Feces, improves feed consumption, avoid loose shell problem and continue growth cycle.

How does Wipe work?
Wipe eliminates pathogens of Vibrio (parahaemolyticus, harveyi etc.), microsporidian parasites and fungus from the shrimp body. Wipe contains scientifically formulated combination of herbs for this purpose. It addresses the infection at the root cause level and wipe out the pathogenic process completely and stimulate immunity.

When to use Wipe?
Wipe should be used immediately after the first sign of White Feces syndrome in the pond. The first sign can be identified by the close examination of shrimp from check trays. Pale yellow color string can be seen on the gut of shrimp. It starts near the head and slowly spreads to the entire gut. If it is identified early, even before fecal matter floatation, it is possible to arrest the spread of disease. Wipe will be an effective treatment, if it is used from the early symptom stage.

What should farmer know before taking Wipe?
White feces syndrome is a complicated problem in shrimp farms. It consists of a complex of infections linked together. Wipe is scientifically formulated herbal combination to address this effectively. In certain unusual weather conditions and water quality changes like low alkalinity, presence of green colonies etc, infection becomes more severe and hard to contain.

Dosage and duration
Wipe should be used 6 grams per kg of feed, two meals per day. If infection is severe, Wipe application for all four meals is essential. Wipe is packed in a sealed plastic container, with 150 grams of herbal extracts powder. It is sufficient for one bag (25 kg) of feed. Mix the powder in water and apply to the pellet feed. Allow 15 minutes dry shade before using in the pond. Normally, Wipe shall be used for one week continuously. If the disease is severe, another three or four days application may be needed to recover fully.

Result observation
The successful result of Wipe in eradicating white feces syndrome disease can be observed through the feed intake improvement and lesser number of fecal matter strings on water surface. As the infection comes down, feed intake picks up.

Consult aqua professional
We strongly recommend the farmers to consult aquaculture technicians or professionals known to them, before using Wipe. Naturalle doesn’t own any responsibility for the loss or damage to the crop by using or misusing Wipe. Farmer should take his own decision after ascertaining all facts of the product before using it.

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