Herbal Feed

What is medicated feed?

Medicated feed is a combination of nutrition and medicine clubbed together. It gives nutrition to the shrimp just like all other branded feeds and provide herbal medicine to prevent or treat bacterial infections.

Medicated feed contains all nutritional ingredients like fish meal, soya, wheat, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fish oil just like all other feeds. Protein, fat, fiber is same as other feeds. Herbal medicine is an addition.

What is the advantage?

With medicated feed shrimp get nutrition for growth and medicine for infections with one feed. Herbs having medicinal properties are incorporated in the formula of feed during manufacturing process. Hence medicine is a part of the feed. Shrimp eats feed and medicine at the same time.

As the medicine is incorporated in the feed itself, it goes directly to the digestive system of shrimp and performs instantly. Unlike top dressing method, medicine won’t leach in to water.

What diseases it can address?

Herbal medicated feed is designed for prevention and treatment of White gut and Running mortality diseases. Some other bacterial infections will also averted through medicated feed.

When it should be used?

Herbal medicated feed can be used any time of the culture period.

Usage method

Along with herbal medicated feed, a pouch of herbal extracts powder is provided. Mix the powder in a bowl of water, dissolve completely and spray on the feed before using. Binder is not necessary.


20% less than normal feed. Herbal extracts powder provided in a separate pouch should be added 6 grams per kg of feed.


If herbal medicated feed is used for prevention of white gut disease, use one meal per day. Normal feed can be used for all other meals. There is no minimum or maximum duration for prevention. It is the choice of farmer.

If herbal medicated feed is used for treatment of white gut disease, all four meals should be given, discontinuing normal feed. Minimum duration is 10 days.

Is it cost effective?

Yes. As herbal medicated is prescribed 20% less than normal feed, both feed costs same. In addition herbal medicine is given for treatment of infections.

Antibiotic free

Herbal feed is made of pure and natural herbs and normal feed ingredients. Antibiotic or chemical ingredients are not used.