Why leap?

  • Leap is a herbal product, hence safe to use
  • Leap is a scientifically proven product
  • Leap kills vibrio pathogens up to 99.999%
  • Leap generates immunity of shrimp to protect from infections
  • Leap performs both on Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria
  • Leap helps the shrimp to recover from infections and gain good health
  • Leap usage will give highest survival percentage

What diseases can Leap treat?

  • Running mortality syndrome**
  • Early mortality syndrome**
  • Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio harveyi infections
  • Many other microbial pathogen attacks

What is the composition of Leap?

  • Leap is made with herbal extracts.
  • Herbals that contain antibacterial, anti parasite, anti protozoa and anti fungal properties were blended in scientific formula

When should be used?

  • Leap shall be used both as preventive and for treatment
  • For prevention, its usage can be started from 30th day of culture, for seven days
  • For treatment, its usage should be started immediately after mortality is seen, for ten days

Dose and duration

  • Dose is 6 grams per kg of feed.
  • Two meals per day. (Preferably first and last meal of the day)
  • Method is mixing Leap powder in a bowl of water, dissolve completely and spray on feed. If farmer wishes, feed binder also can be used for top dressing

Is Leap is a medicine?

  • Leap is a herbal feed supplement that contains natural healing properties

How can I know the result?

  • Result of Leap usage can be observed through better health of shrimp and disappearance of infection

Can Leap used in nursery?

  • Leap can be used in nursery ponds also.

Is Leap cost effective?

  • Leap is cost effective.
  • As majority of disease infections are averted, shrimp gains good health, growth will be better.
  • It is cheaper than pharma products but performs better than them

Is Leap environment friendly?

  • Leap is 100% herbal product and it is digested by shrimp fully.
  • No leftovers either in the digestive system or in the pond water.
  • All the herbal extracts used in Leap are water soluble.
  • Hence usage of Leap is environment friendly and it doesn’t have any impact on water parameters of the pond.
  • It doesn’t pollute water or soil.
  • It doesn’t generate any harmful gases like ammonia, nitrites or nitrates.

Will it leaches in to water?

  • it will not leach.
  • Leap is made of herbal extracts which are 100% water soluble.
  • Leap is absorbed by the pellet and shrimp eat the pellet. Hence no scope for leaching

** conditions apply. Please refer product page for guidance.