Why Ojas?
Ojas is a herbal product, hence safe to use
Ojas is a scientifically proven product
90 days full crop test was conducted in three tanks to prove the performance in growth and immunity
Hundreds of field trials were conducted in shrimp farms in different areas and salinities. Successful results were obtained.
Ojas will trigger faster growth. Minimum 2 grams additional growth in 30 days and 5 grams additional growth in 90 days.
Ojas generates innate immunity
Innate immunity means first line of defense to prevent invading pathogenic microbial attack
Ojas can help the farmer to harvest the crop without any infections
Ojas helps the shrimp to recover from infections and gain good health

What is the composition of Ojas?
Ojas is made with herbal extracts.
Herbals that contain immune stimulation and immune modulation were incorporated in it scientifically

When should be used?
Ojas shall be from 10th day of culture onwards for better results
If growth is slow, Ojas can be used at any time of crop period
Dose and duration
Dose is 6 grams per kg of feed in normal conditions
Two meals per day. (Preferably first and last meal of the day)
If growth is slow, 4 meals per day for at least 3 weeks
Method is mixing Ojas powder in a bowl of water, dissolve completely and spray on feed. If farmer wishes, feed binder also can be used for top dressing
Is Ojas is a medicine?
Ojas is a herbal feed supplement that contains natural growth hormones and immunity stimulants properties
Ojas is not a medicine
How can I know the result?
Result of Ojas usage can be observed through better health of shrimp and better growth
Can Ojas used in nursery?
Yes, Ojas can be used in nursery ponds also.
Is Ojas cost effective?
Ojas is cost effective.
As the growth is fast, cost of Ojas is negligible compared with the profit of weight gain, higher count and lesser duration of crop
Is OJas environment friendly?
Ojas is 100% herbal product and it is digested by shrimp fully.
No leftovers either in the digestive system or in the pond water.
All the herbal extracts used in Ojas are water soluble.
Hence usage of Ojas is environment friendly and it doesn’t have any impact on water parameters of the pond.
It doesn’t pollute water or soil.
It doesn’t generate any harmful gases like ammonia, nitrites or nitrates.

Will it leaches in to water?
it will not leach.
Ojas is made of herbal extracts which are 100% water soluble.
Ojas is absorbed by the pellet and shrimp eat the pellet. Hence no scope for leaching