When should I start using Purge

Purge is meant for minimizing the harmful effects of EHP. It is better and easier to control EHP at the early age of shrimp, between 20 to 35 days of culture. You can use Purge anytime during this period 

Will Purge completely eliminate EHP

EHP is measured by way of threshold cycles in p c r test. If the cycles are below 28, the disease is severe. At this level, Purge may perform or may not perform, depends on the farm management and pond conditions.  But from 28 and above cycle’s level, Purge will eliminate or minimize the harmful effect of EHP successfully. Hence it is better to use the Purge before EHP disease become more severe.

Should I use Purge, though EHP is moderate?

Threshold cycles indicate the severity of EHP. Even though 28 and above threshold cycle level is considered moderate, if it is left untreated, EHP may become severe in next couple of days. Hence it is advised to use Purge even though EHP is moderate. Purge will eliminate EHP causing pathogens and arrests further rise in infection.

What is EHP and how it is transmitted

EHP (Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei) is a microsporidian parasite. Though all hatcheries are importing specific pathogen free brooders for shrimp seed production, this disease is transmitting through hatcheries. Hatchery managements are using live feed like polycrete worms. Those worms are carriers for pathogens like EHP and White Spot virus. Without polycrete worms, brooder spawning is very less. Hence hatcheries cannot avoid using live feed. That is why EHP is spreading like a wild fire in all shrimp farms.

Once EHP enters in to a farm, it will leave the pond. Drying the pond for many months or applying chlorine will not eradicate EHP causing pathogens from pond soil or dykes. It will surface whenever it finds opportunity. Only solution is applying large quantity of burnt lime, up to the extent of raising soil Ph level to 12 and above. But it is very expensive and commercially not feasible.

What if EHP is ignored?

EHP will not make the shrimp die. Mortalities are very rare. But once it is infected, shrimps are exposed to many other infections like White Feces Syndrome (White gut). EHP infected shrimp eats feed but not grow as expected. Hence feed conversion shoots up to unviable level. Additionally size variation will become a problem. Five to seven sizes are seen in the pond. Some are 2 to three grams only and some 15 grams. Due to this size variation, farmer will not get good harvestable count and price for his produce.

Loss due to EHP is threefold. 1. Size variation. 2. High feed consumption. 3. Low counts and lesser sale price. Hence ignoring EHP is disastrous to farmer.

In what way Purge help?

Purge kills and flush out all the parasites along with other pathogens like vibrio and fungus. It makes hepatopancreas disease free and detoxifies the digestive system.

Purge can be used without EHP?

Yes. Purge can be used even though EHP is not confirmed in p c r test. Purge helps the shrimp by purging all infectious pathogens from the body of shrimp resulting in good health and good growth.

Antibiotic free

Purge is made of pure and natural herbal extracts. Antibiotic or chemical ingredients are not used.

Will Purge prevent white fecal/gut disease?

No. Purge is meant for EHP control only. If EHP and White gut infections are seen together in the shrimp, then both Purge and Wipe can be used as per directions for controlling white gut disease also.

What if Purge is used after 35 days?

We strongly recommend Purge usage between 20 to 35 days of culture. At younger age of shrimp, it is easy to control EHP infection. But some farmer’s experience indicate that Purge is useful even at 60 days of culture also for improving feed intake.

Is Purge toxic?

No. Purge consists of pure and natural herbal extracts. it is 100% safe to use. There won’t be any kind of toxic influence. It doesn’t have any side effects also.

Size variation without EHP

Sometimes shrimp in the pond develop different sizes due to quality of seed, feeding pattern in initial days etc. In such cases also, Purge is useful to make the weak shrimp gain strength to grow fast and match with larger size shrimp. Purge help to cover up the size variation, even though EHP is not there.

Will Purge hamper growth?

No. it actually promotes faster growth. Because of elimination of pathogens and flush them out of body, shrimp gain good health resulting in good growth. Purge will help to fasten growth pace.

Is Purge is medicine?

No. Purge is simple feed supplement. Our concept of handling shrimp infection problem is – Food is medicine and medicine is food. Based on this concept we have formulated food like herbal ingredients to solve EHP problem. No medicinal substance is added to it.

What are ingredients used in Purge?

List of herbs used in Purge is printed on the package. As it is proprietary formula, that ingredient dosage will not be revealed.

Dose and duration:

Purge should be used for one week (7 days). It is a onetime application for entire crop. No need of using it again.

Two meals per day

Dose: 6 grams herbal extract powder and 4 ml essential oil blend and 4 gram jaggery

Method: to use Purge, first jaggery solution should be prepared with 4 gram jaggery in a bowl of water. Once jaggery is fully dissolved, herbal powder and oil blend should be mixed in that jaggery solution and mix thoroughly, then spread the same on top of pellet feed. Allow 15 minutes for shade drying. No need of adding any binder.

Which meal is appropriate?

First and last meal of the day is appropriate for using purge. If farmer wishes, it can be given in two continuous meals also.

Will it leaches in to water?

No. it will not leach. Purge is made of natural herbal extracts, and they are 100% water soluble. The herbal mixed jaggery solution is applied on the feed, pellets absorb them. Herbal medicine goes deep in to the pellet, unlike top dressing method by binder. As the herbal medicine is absorbed by the pellet it will not leach in to water.

Does any other medicine can be mixed?

No. Purge should be used exclusively. No other medicine should be mixed along with it. if farmer wishes he can apply seperately in other meals of the day.

As far as EHP is concerned, no other medicine is needed to control it, other than Purge.

Result observation:

The performance of Purge can be observed through p c r test before and after use. If the infection is moderate stage, after using Purge you will get negative result. In addition, Purge performance can be observed through increased feed intake also.

Influence on water and soil parameters

There won’t be any influence of Purge on water or soil parameters of pond. Purge is a simple feed supplement. It dissolves in water while applying on feed and goes directly to the digestive system of shrimp along with feed. It works from within the body. Hence it will not influence soil or water parameters.

What if EHP recurs again?

Purge will eliminate EHP causing pathogens from the body of shrimp. But EHP pathogens exist in water and dykes of the pond. They may attack the shrimp once again. In such case, Purge may be needed one more time. But after 35 days of culture period, EHP influence on shrimp growth will not be that severe as in early age. Hence 90% of cases Purge reuse is not necessary.

Can Purge be used in nursery?

We strongly recommend not using Purge in nursery tanks or bio-flock systems. As the stocking density is much higher in those systems, shrimp is always in stress unlike in pond. Purge may not perform in nursery as in pond. Farmer can use Purge once the seed transferred to pond from the nursery.

Is Purge cost effective?

The cost of Purge application per juvenile (seed) of shrimp is just two paisa per piece. It is highly cost effective as it eliminates disease and promotes health and growth.

Is Purge environment friendly?

Yes. Purge is totally environment friendly. It consists of herbal extracts which are natural and bio degradable. In addition they are fully digestible by the shrimp. There won’t be any leftover either in shrimp digestive system or in water. All herbal extracts used in Purge are water soluble. They won’t leach in to pond water and they won’t generate any pollution.