Why SPOT is given for free?

SPOT is a research based product being developed by company. It presents impressive results in lab conditions and also at open air fiber glass tanks. Results are very encouraging in prevention of White Spot virus and other viral infections. It is also performing well in field trials. But we wish to conduct more number of field trials in different geographies and different weather seasons. Hence SPOT is offered on free of cost basis to selected farmers for a limited period.  

Is it permanent offer?

No. Free demonstration offer is for limited period only. Company reserves the right to discontinue free demonstration offer whenever it intends to do so.  

What are limitations for this offer?

SPOT will be given free of cost to about few hundreds of farmers; one or two ponds for each farmer. Farmer should leave at least one pond as control to observe the performance and compare the results in immunity to viral infection. Choice of selection of farmers for this offer will be at the sole discretion of company.

Duration of free offer

Spot should be used 15 to 20 days for generating immunity in shrimp. If company wishes, it may continue further.  SPOT feed additive will be supplied on weekly basis, depending on the feedback provided by the farmer.

Responsibility of farmer

Farmer should first inform the details like name, address, telephone number, farm address, farm area, number of ponds, stocking density, stocking date, feed used per meal, number of feeding times etc. 

Farmers who availed this offer should also provide feedback like weekly growth, infections if any during and after the application period for all his ponds, including control pond. Farmer should allow company representative to visit his farm freely whenever company wishes to do so. 


SPOT is a scientifically developed herbal feed supplement aimed to obtain viral immunity among cultured shrimps. The basis for this product is the traditional Indian Ayurveda system of medicine for viral immunity. White Spot virus is a disastrous infection for shrimp farms. It is impossible to prevent or control with the available knowledge. Spot is an effort to address this problem in a scientific way applying traditional healing system.

What diseases can SPOT resist?

SPOT is not meant for any specific disease treatment. It is meant for viral immunity improvement.

What is the composition of SPOT?

SPOT is made with herbal extracts.

When should be used?

SPOT should be used at the early age of shrimp for better results. Between 10 to 25 days of culture is the best time.  If white spot virus is identified in neighboring ponds, farmers can try this at any stage of culture. But Spot needs a minimum of 15 days to develop immunity with in shrimp body to resist viral infections. It will not give instant results.

Dose and duration

Dose is 30 ml per kg of feed.

Two meals per day. (Preferably first and last meal of the day)

Duration is Minimum 15 to 20 days

Method is mixing Spot liquid with feed as top dressing. Allow 15 minutes shade draying before use.

Is SPOT is a medicine?

No. SPOT is a simple feed supplement.

How can I know the result?

If white spot is not affected to our farm, in spite of that virus infection is prevalent in nearby areas; we can assume that Spot is performing well.

Can SPOT used in nursery?

Yes. SPOT can be used in nursery ponds also.

Is SPOT environment friendly?

Yes. SPOT is 100% herbal product and it is digested by shrimp fully. No leftovers either in the digestive system or in the pond water. All the herbal extracts used in SPOT are water soluble. Hence usage of SPOT is environment friendly and it doesn’t have any impact on water parameters of the pond. It doesn’t pollute water or soil. It doesn’t generate any harmful gases like ammonia, nitrites or nitrates.