When should I start using Wipe

Wipe is meant for treatment of white fecal / gut disease. It is always advised to start using Wipe from the initial stage of infection. Whenever first sight of white fecal matter floating on the pond water is observed, Wipe use should be started immediately. The early is the best. We can observe white gut infection in the gut beginning nearer to the head. It can be early observed if we check the shrimp regularly through check tray. If you found traces of white gut in the gut of shrimp, Wipe should be used.

Will Wipe completely eliminate White gut disease?

White gut / fecal disease is a complex problem. Many factors influence this infection and many pathogen types are associated with it. If the white gut & EHP infections exist together, it is hard to eliminate. Generally EHP & White gut come together at 20 to 35 days of culture. At this stage it is advised to use both Purge and Wipe to get better results.

If infection starts at later stage of culture like 60 or more days, it is easy to control. Wipe will give assured treatment.

What is White gut and how it is transmitted

White feces syndrome (white gut) is generally refers to the floating of white fecal strings in shrimp ponds. Technically it is referred as prevalence of vermiform, gregarine like bodies within shrimp hepatopancreas (HP) and mid gut. High quantity of these bodies results in white fecal strings. It is associated with acute hepatoprancreatic necrosis disease (APHND). The vermiform bodies’ formation is consisting of Aggregated Transformed Microvilli (ATM). The ATM has originated by sloughing from epithelial cells of the shrimp hepatopancreatic tubules. They accumulate at the HP-Mid gut junction before being discharged within feces via mid gut.

What if White gut infection is ignored?

White feces/gut syndrome is lethal infection. It leads to high mortality and forced harvest. Shrimp will not take feed and growth is affected. Farmer cannot ignore this disease. Any lax in attending to it will lead to loss of crop.

What is the advantage of Wipe?

There are number of medicines and solutions for white gut infection. Farmers are experimenting in their own way. But most of those medicines or experiments are giving partial result. After application of those medicines available in the market, sometimes, white fecal strings disappear on the water. It creates a false impression that infection has gone. But though appearance of fecal strings disappears, feed intake by the shrimp drops drastically, leading to loss of survival and loose shell problem. Advantage with Wipe is, it will eliminate infection causing pathogens completely from the body of shrimp. Hence feed intake will not drop and loose shell problem doesn’t arise. Growth also continues.

Will Wipe treat EHP also?

No. Wipe is exclusively for white gut infection only. If both EHP and White gut infections are seen in the pond both Purge and Wipe should be used same time, in different meals. Then only white gut problem will be solved.

Will Wipe prevent White gut?

Yes, to some extent only. Wipe can be used one meal per day for prevention. If white gut appears even after using Wipe as preventive, Farmer need not worry.   In such case, White gut virulence is minimal and if treatment started immediately, shrimp will recover very fast without affecting survival and growth.

In what way Wipe help?

Wipe helps the shrimp to gain full recovery from white gut infection, if used immediately after identifying. It helps to recover from white gut disease; arrest the problem of feed intake reduction and continuation of growth.

Antibiotic free

Wipe is made of pure and natural herbal extracts only. Antibiotic or chemical ingredients are not used.

What if Wipe is used after few days of infection?  

We strongly recommend starting Wipe use immediately after identification of white gut infection. Earliest is the best for good results. If it is used after few days of infection, Wipe will take more time to control. (10 to 12 days)

Is Wipe is toxic to shrimp?

No. Wipe consists of pure natural herbal extracts. It is 100% safe to use. There won’t be any kind of toxic nature. As Wipe is 100% herbal product, it doesn’t have any side effects.

Will Wipe hamper growth?

No. Wipe helps to gain good growth. Generally white gut infected shrimp take less feed and obviously growth cycle stops. Wipe helps the shrimp to obtain absolute immunity and strength to regain its health. Hence by using Wipe we can expect better growth.

What ingredients are used in Purge?

List of herbs used in Wipe is printed on the package itself. As it is a proprietary formula, ingredient’s dosage in the formula will not be revealed

Is Wipe a medicine?

No. Wipe is a simple feed supplement. We have formulated this product with natural herbal extracts to solve the problem of disease through feed additive only. No antibiotic or chemical medicinal substance is added in to it.

What is the dose and duration?

Wipe should be used for a minimum of one week (7 days), immediately after noticing the infection. In case the wipe usage starts after some days of infection it may take 10 to 12 days to fully control white gut.

Dose: 6 grams herbal extracts powder should be used for one kg of feed.

Usage method is simple. Mix herbal extracts powder of Wipe in a bowl of water, mix thoroughly and apply to the feed as top dressing. Allow 15 minutes for shade dry. 

Which is the appropriate meal of day?

Wipe should be used all four meals of the day, if infection is severe. If infection is in moderate stage and feed intake didn’t dropped, only or two meals are sufficient. First and last meal of the day is advisable.

Will it leaches in to water?

No. it will not leach. Wipe is made of herbal extracts which are 100% water soluble. When dissolved in water, pellet absorbs ingredients along with water. Hence the Wipe ingredients go deep inside the pellet and their leaching in to pond is very less.

Does any other medicine can be given along with?

No other medicine or chemical should be mixed with Wipe. Other medicines can be given in separate meals.

How can I know whether Wipe is working or not?

The performance of Wipe can be ascertained by visual observation of reduction of fecal matter flotation on pond water, continuation of feed intake without drop, activity of shrimp in swimming, clean shell, gut full of feed etc.

Influence or water and soil parameters

Wipe is a feed additive, and it goes directly to the intestine of shrimp along with feed. It works from within the body. Hence, water parameters or soil parameters of pond are not influenced because of its use.

Can Wipe be used in nursery?

Yes, it can be used in nurseries also as a preventive.

Is it effective in Bio-flock system?

We are not sure of Wipe performance in Bio-flock method of shrimp farming. We have not done research on this aspect as of now.

Is Wipe environment friendly?

Wipe is 100% herbal product and it is digested by shrimp fully. No leftovers either in the digestive system or in the pond water. All the herbal extracts used in Wipe are water soluble. Hence usage of Wipe is environment friendly and it doesn’t have any impact on water parameters of the pond. It doesn’t pollute water or soil. It doesn’t generate any harmful gases like ammonia, nitrites or nitrates.

Is Wipe cost effective?

Wipe is cost effective, because it not only control white gut but also arrests the drop of feed intake and help to continue growth.  

What kind of feed should be used?

Wipe can be used with any branded aqua feed.